This is such a funny little English learning game, but small children love it! You simple use some vocabulary cards and the free printable monster, then have the children feed the cards into the monster’s mouth. They should try to say the word before they put it in.

How to Make and Play the Game

Print your monster, (color or black and white) cut out the mouth and glue him to a gift bag or cardboard box like in the pictures, then cut out the mouth a second time to finish your free-standing 3D monster. Tip: You might need to enlarge the mouth opening a bit if your vocabulary cards are bigger than the ones included.

How to Play:

Let children take turns feeding the monster a vocabulary card.
Beginner level: tell them what to feed the monster, or ask them to say the word on the card before they feed the monster.
Intermediate level: have them form a sentence such as “I will feed the monster an elephant” or “I have fed the monster a lion”

More game ideas…

Play Memory – Print two sets of the vocabulary cards and play memory. Each time a child find a match they should say the word, then feed the match to the monster. Or, the child with the most matches is the winner and the other players must feed their cards to the monster.

Play “hungry monster” – Hide the cards around the room then set a timer and have the children look for the cards. If they don’t find all of the cards, say the words and feed them to the monster before the timer goes off, then the monster eats the children!

To grab this free printable, sign up here or by clicking on the little monster. And don’t worry, I’m a part time English teacher, part time blogger, and full time mama. I only send a few emails per month ;-).

If you are looking for more free and for-purchase English games and activities for young children, be sure to visit my TPT store here.


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