cofLet the children’s creativity go wild! Usually I’m the one that does the creating, but this week I decided to let them design their own game boards, and it was wonderful!  I was surprised how much the kids liked this activity, and the vocabulary that they needed for the games was practical, high-use words and sentences. Sample vocabulary: “go forward”, “go back”, “my turn”, “your turn”, “roll again”, “candy”, “free” and the colours and numbers. Here’s the link to the free game board printable over at Best Coloring Pages For Kids.

Some tips for added fun:

  • In addition to the the traditional moves like going forward, backwards, starting over, etc, you can encourage more creativity, such as “do a dance move” when you land on blue, or “name a zoo animal in five seconds” if you land on yellow. You could also add cards or a spinner. The creativity and learning options are endless!
  • Candy! I use baking sprinkles to keep the sugar intake to the minimum, but the kids still love it. In the above picture, the orange square is a “free candy” square.
  • As the teacher/adult you can say “no” if you think that something will create discouragement or result in too much sugar, or the game being too long (for example, too many “go back to the start” squares 😉 .

Happy gaming!

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