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This is one of my all-time favourite English lessons for toddlers and young children, they just love this song and book combination.  I own the book with CD, which gives me the option to read to the children and also to let it play in the background while we are doing other activities. I will also loan out the book and CD for a week or two to at a time to a student or family, and the children will listen to it again and again and AGAIN! I’ve had mothers complain (but not really, just joking with me) that they were sooooo sick of hearing their kids sing the song and to PLEASE give them a new book!

My favourite way to use this song and story is to print out a duck template with the mother duck and five ducklings and to let the children color them in and cut them out (if they are old enough).  Gluing on feathers is also fun if you have some. Once they are finished, attach them to six individual sticks and you’re ready to go!

If you are using this with a class, be sure to let them take their duckies home with them, as well as a copy of the words and the song or a link to it online.  You can find many versions of the song on Youtube. Here’s the link to the free printable duck template.

Enjoy, and happy learning!


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