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This is a classic book with holes in it and a CD for about $6, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. I got my copy from Book Depository (free shipping world wide). You can also find all kinds of free versions on youtube to listen to or sing along with. You can also find it on Amazon for about the same price, but Amazon didn’t have the book and CD combo, which I prefer.

feachered there was an old lady

I have created a free printable PDF with eight photos. I make one copy for each child, and they can cut them out and put them in their English books. They are also great for a pocket chart as we sing along. You could also play charades with the cards, or “Jump for It.” The possibilities are endless, really.

Here’s another free printable PDF to make a fun craft that the children LOVE!

Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 21.45.38

pdf old lady who swollowed a fly craft and pocket chart cards

The Lesson:

Start out by reading the book, then listen to the CD and encourage the children to sing along.

Next close the book and sing the song using the PDF print out, so that the children make the connection between the song and the actual animals.  Encourage the children to point to each animal when it is sung. You could also give each child a set of the pictures so that they could hold up the correct image while singing.

End with the craft.

Don’t forget to circle back to the song and PDF visual for a few weeks in a row, otherwise all your work is for nothing.  Repeat that song again, and again, and AGAIN. You will be sick of it, but a child can sing the same song all day long 😉  Have fun.

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