Hey this is going to be a quick post because I want to get it up before Easter is over :-). Last week I did a super fun activity with my preschool and kindergarten age ESL English students. We did an Easter Egg Hunt, and what child doesn’t love this activity! Seriously such a big hit.

First we made our Easter Egg Baskets. As you can see from the photos, you can just print off a picture of a basket from the internet, or you can use the one I proved in my packet over in my TPT story. Or you can use real baskets, or sand buckets, etc. But it is fun to make the little paper baskets ;-).

Next we made our eggs. Again, you can make your own by finding fun pictures in the newspaper adds, or printing off your own, or you can use the ones in my packet (last picture). In the last week I’ve done both. For my ESL kids class, I used the pre-made Easter egg picture flashcards, then today I made some homemade Easter egg flashcards with my two year old using the local newspaper advertisement and some pretty purple paper.

Now for the fun part, the egg hunt! Hide the picture vocabulary Easter eggs around the classroom or a garden space if you have it. I needed to laminate my eggs because it’s raining this week. Let the children look for them, and when they find one, ask them “what is it?” and let them answer you. It’s a very natural learning environment, and the children don’t even realize that they’re learning, but wow they have fun! Happy learning everyone!

Link to my TPT store

You can buy the packet including the basket and 27 spring vocally Easter egg flashcards here, it’s in color or black and white and only $2. But, I would encourage you to make your own if you have time, because the children love it, and they can choose the pictures that interest them. My son chose a chainsaw, bicycle and lost of different pictures of chocolate! LOL

Update: here’s another fun and easy basket you can make from an envelope.


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