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The last three weeks I’ve been using “brain break cards” from over at 123homeschool4me and the children love them!


The first week we just went through the deck and I introduced the verbs and the children and I acted them out. The second week we used them with the spinner. The children took turns spinning, I would announce the command and then repeat it several times as we acted them out. Finally, this week, we used them with walki-talkies (two way radios), which meant that the children began to give the commands. One child stood at a distance from the group, within eye sight but not close enough to be heard when speaking in a regular voice. The separated child had one walkie-talkie and the deck of movement cards. He or she would choose a card and give the command through the radio. The other children had the second radio with them, and had to follow the command that they heard. I positioned myself near the child giving the commands to assist with forgotten words and pronunciation, and with holding down the button on the radio for the youngest student who couldn’t manage to press it and speak at the same time ;-).

Happy English learning!


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