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There are so many ways to teach English through busy outside activities, it just takes a little creativity!

On Mondays I had part of my lesson outside.  It’s Autumn here in Switzerland and that means beautiful leaves, crisp evening and morning air and harvest! Yesterday we were collecting chestnuts, opening them, and looking to see if they were a single, doubles or triple! The children found this to be great fun and loved the physical act of hitting the chestnuts in the tree with a stick to get them to fall down. As you can see from the photos, the pods of the chestnuts are bright green and pocky.  This was a great activity for students with a more hands-on (kinaesthetic) learning style.

They’re also great for crafts, and I plan on having the children make puppets with them next week, because puppets are always great for practicing speaking. 😉 I like the puppets family craft with chestnuts over at I will have the children make their families and then use the opportunity to review the family and extended relatives vocabulary 😉

Happy English learning!







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