Go Fish is one of my favourite vocabulary games, because it requires the students to use a complete sentence in the question form, as well as a vocabulary word. I try to include a quick game at least once a week, it’s also a fun way to review past vocabulary near the end of a lesson when little minds are getting tired. It has the advantage of visual aid, too, so if a child can’t remember the word they can just show the card to the group and the game will continue on.  cof

Often I play the game with homemade flashcards. You can look online for free flashcards and printable games. Teach the Children ESL has a lot of great free printable that I like to us.  You can also buy some very nice decks of cards to have on hand for anytime the children need a game to play. Plus, the children prefer the store bought cards to my homemade paper printouts. 😉  My all-time favourite decks of cards are Old Maid by Toysmith and Food Chain Card Game by National Geographic kids. As you can see from the photo, my decks of cards are well-loved. 😀

Sometimes you will have a student that wants to show the card instead of using the word. Also, keep your ears open for the correct sentence structure… I have one little four year old (native German speaker) that switches his sentence around to reflect the German word order “Have you a _______?” instead of “Do you have a ______?”

If you need instructions to the game, dltk-kids has a good tutorial.

What are some of your favourite links to free flashcards and printable for learning English?


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