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Here are my top 5 must have item to get started teaching English to little learners. These aren’t fancy electronics or expensive curriculum, but they work. The key is that you, parents/teachers/care givers MUST play with the children. Language learning isn’t complicated, it just takes time. I recommend an hour per day of play/speaking in a second language, and of course more if you can do it. Play, read and sing together and you’ll be surprise how quickly your children will start using the language. One more tip; be sure to introduce each new game/toy/activity as an “English game/toy/activity”. Have fun!

  1. Memory games – or other types of picture cards to play games with. I love the Ravensburger games, I honestly have about eight different sets of these. I look for them at the second hand shops and on clearance to build my enventory of picture vocabulary cards. They’re so mall and sturdy, just the right size for little hands and easy to talk along with you for a few moments of fun learning while out and about.

2. Go fish cards – again, like the memory games, I’m always on the lookout for discounted or second hand sets of Go Fish/Old Maid cards. This one is my favourite because it’s great for teaching occupations.

3. Picture BINGO games -there are plenty of free printable picture BINGO games on line, and I link a few of them here in this post, but I defiantly think it’s worth investing in at least one picture BINGO game, kids love it. I often use stickers or candy sprinkles as prizes, just something small but they’re very motivated to play :-D.

4. Play-Doh cooking set – food is one of the first things that we learn to talk about when we learn a new language, at any age. So, provide a fun environment for children to naturally learn to talk about food and then let the learning (playing) begin!

5. Books with corresponding songs- read books to your little ones that have corresponding songs. They’ll be singing in English in no time, here are a few of my favourite linked to Amazon. If you don’t live somewhere with Amazon (I don’t) then use Book Depository, they offer world-wide free shipping.

Happy learning and playing!


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