Here are two fun crafts to help you teach about foods. I’ve found that children are motivated to learn their favourite foods in English, so why not encourage this! It’s much more fun than memorizing lists like us adults have to do in language class!

I put together two free printables that you can use, but you have to find your own food pictures. I cut mine out of the local news paper adds that are always cluttering my mailbox. You could also give this as homework, then the children would have to look for the food on their own. However you choose to use these crafts to support your little students, don’t forget to encourage them to speak out the sentences. “I like to eat_____ , _____ , _____ and ______.” They can also “read” their little books to each other, or to their parents, grandparents, aunties, etc. Even if they can’t actually read yet, they can easily remember the short text on each page of the booklet. Happy crafting and learning everyone!

You can download the free “I like to eat” template here: I like to eat…


Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 21.18.13

You can download the free booklet template here: my favourite foods booklet

How to fold the booklet:


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